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Lights-Out Integration

Lindenberg Software Backup integrates with Lights-Out of AxoNet (version 2 and up), which adds a number of nice features to Backup and greatly enhances the user experience:

  • Lindenberg Software Backup integrates with backup monitoring on client and server, preventing that either of them is suspended or the like during a running backup involving that client or server
  • Lindenberg Software Backup can reuse the count down from Lights-Out after a backup to save energy on the client (this is supported with Lights-Out 1.x as well, triggering the final action of that client)
  • If Lindenberg Software Backup is selected as the backup solution to use for a client, then Lights-Out can trigger backups via the tray icon of Lights-Out on the client or via the client commands or calendar of the Lights-Out server
  • Lindenberg Software Backup can leverage the certificates provided by Lights-Out, see also Server Certificates, thereby establishing trust.
  • Starting with Lights-Out 3.0, Lindenberg Software Backup communicates the disk being backed up to Lights-Out where it is shown as configuration.
The most typical scenario will be that backup clients are also Lights-Out clients, and that the Lights-Out server is also the backup server, but this is not enforced. In particular the monitoring features are independent of any client/server relation.

The following table shows the communication supported between Lindenberg Software Backup and Lights-Out:
Lights-Out ClientLights-Out Server
Backup Client
(standard scenario)
keeps server alive in case Backup Client on server does a backup no matter what destination.
Backup Server
not supported by Lights-Out-Client. Instead you can configure Lindenberg Software Backup to use:
  • a remote pipe to an additional Lights-Out server. This allows to separate Backup Server and Lights-Out-Server but still have a consistent status on Lights-Out-Server.
  • a remote copy of the Lights-Out-Server schedule and thus enable waking the server without Wake-On-Lan (daily and weekly recurring events only).
(standard scenario)